The importance of having a good antivirus


An antivirus is essential so that we can browse the web, read emails and open documents that we receive without any danger.

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Currently, it is practically impossible to navigate the web without being properly protected against the threats lurking behind every site we visit. The deceptions are many, and the chances of being victims of a virus or malware attack too. That is why one of the best tactics to prevent being infected is the use of a good antivirus.

An antivirus must always be updated in order to obtain a list of viruses that carry out daily attacks. For this reason, most antivirus manufacturers provide free updates over the Internet. Updating virus lists is extremely important to the effectiveness of security software.

Why install an antivirus?

If your computer does not have an antivirus, it does not have the ability to neutralize viruses that may enter the system and leave the computer completely vulnerable to attacks such as:

Infected emails, with dangerous attachments when executed.
Infected websites on the internet that lead you to download malicious code onto your computer.
Office documents, such as Word and Excel, with Macros that attack the Operating System.
Spyware introduced by viruses to spy on personal data. Some antiviruses also detect Spyware.

Consequences of not neutralizing the threat of a virus

Being affected by a computer virus can have very serious consequences, depending on the information you save on your computer.

Among other things, the most common effects of an infection are:

Losing important data that was not saved in a backup.
The computer is very slow or impossible to use.
Fraud and theft of personal data, which is sent to other computers. One of the most frequent examples is the theft of the credit card number.
Identity theft, where your computer could be used by hackers to execute attacks on other computers.

In summary, the use of an antivirus is essential today so that we can browse the web, read emails and open the documents we receive, without worrying that we could be hit by an attack that destroys our data. With this software, we can remove viruses as they appear.

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